Learning to Read

  June is primary school readiness month and our Inventors are more than excited. One of the most popular primary school goals is to “Read Books” , so why not start now?! You

Primary School

Big things are coming for our Inventors… the transition from nursery to primary school!  Throughout June at Discovery Nursery in Exeter, we will be focusing on getting your Pre-schooler primary school ready. We’ve

Understanding Emotions

Understanding new emotions can be unsettling for some children. From overwhelming tiredness to experiencing challenging situations, new feelings can be demanding! As adults, it’s our job to help them know what they are

Child Led Play and Choices

Child led play allows the children to take control of their play and exploration giving them the choices in what they play with. Did you know that children learn better when following their

Tactics to try New Foods

“I don’t like it!” is a phrase too commonly used by a toddler and pushing away before they have even tried it is a favourite action to match! But how can we stop

Dealing with Worries

As we creep into the summer months, there’s a big word on the lips of our Pre-schoolers… “SCHOOL!” Excitement can be mixed with nerves and anxiety so let’s talk about worries. No one

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