Discovery Nursery is located in a spacious, characterful Victorian house in Exeter, complete with its own large, secret garden. Our children benefit from large rooms and outside space, providing plenty of opportunities for learning, play and developing their curiosity. 

Our Rooms 

Discovery Nursery is located in a spacious, characterful Victorian house in Exeter, complete with its own large, secret garden. Our children benefit from large rooms and outside space, providing plenty of opportunities for learning, play and developing their curiosity.

Our newly opened Retreat, from June 2022 cares for the very youngest children aged 3 months – approx. 15 months. The room has been designed with the very youngest of babies in mind.

Our Explorers (aged 14-18 months) enjoy the freedom of three rooms to explore. There are plenty of natural and authentic resources to help their gross and fine motor skills, learn to socialise and share, as well as a very cosy teepee in which to snuggle. We use authentic and natural materials and resources in their creative space. The third room is our special sensory and sleep room.

The Adventurers (24-40 months) have their home in two large connecting rooms, just ready to spark their imaginations and hone their creative skills. We think learning through play is important to ensure we keep a track of their development without them even knowing. They just love getting their wellies on and heading outside to the garden, whatever the weather, as we aim to inspire their curiosity about nature.

Our Inventors (aged 36 – 60 months) have taken over the upstairs of Discovery Nursery! There are a wide variety of authentic resources available to inspire our eldest children, from dress up and a play-kitchen/dining room to an exciting construction zone. There’s the Creation Station, which is the perfect place for our Inventors to showcase their arts and crafts skills, creating paintings and objects for display…this year, they’ve even painted a seascape on the wall! They even have their own library, with weekly book themes to learn new word and try out their phonics. Our aim is to ensure that children want to learn and engage, have a love of books and the feel of new words in their mouths which will in turn prepare and excite them for their adventure at school. 

Children are encouraged to learn excellent table manners and social skills in our Dining Room. Food is made on site by a dedicated qualified cook, using fresh ingredients. We are big foodies at Discovery Nursery and frequently try foods from other cultures and celebrate different seasonal and annual events with tasty, nutritious food. Our food is so popular with our children that their parents have asked us to share our recipes! We ensure that we provide healthy, balanced and nutritious meals, snacks and drinks. Children have access to fresh drinking water at all times. We never pressure children, and understand that children need regular and repeated chances to taste new foods.

A Day in the Life of…

From the moment a new child joins Discovery Nursery they join a friendly, warm, fun family. We strive to provide children with a happy environment to grow and develop a curiosity for the world. Their discovery will begin.

Before 9.00am:

Drop off and breakfast to kick start the day, and give your child the energy they need to focus and get involved in our activities.

Fuelled up and ready to go, our children enjoy some morning activities to encourage their development. They learn through play and from guidance by our team of nursery practitioners.

Morning snack at approximately 10am.

A chance to explore the garden, whether that’s in a Forest School lesson and learning some bushcraft and fire safety or counting how many different types of leaves and birds they can see. (Find out more here)

Lunch at around 12noon.

Perhaps a post-lunch session in the Creation Station, using renewed energy to channel creativity, while also developing fine and gross motor skills. This is an opportunity to test out their senses and learn new words to describe sounds, smells and textures.

An all important afternoon snack at 2pm.

Maybe it’s story time! Our eldest children will head to their library while the younger ones nestle in at their story corners. They are always excited to hear the adventures of new characters and old favourites, as well as having a go at sounding out words themselves.

4pm is tea time!

Pick up time dependent on your booking, but rest assured that your child will spend the last part of their day with us reading, drawing and playing.

We work hard to make sure your child experiences an engaging and stimulating day. Of course, the day is interspersed with naps, bottle feeding and nappy changing, according to your child’s needs.

Learning and Development

We educate children by providing environments and learning invitations that encourage them to explore, discover, investigate, enquire, unearth and detect. Our pedagogy, children and practitioners are imaginative, curious, adventurous, determined and inquisitive; learning together in a safe and loving environment.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. It is the statutory framework that sets the standards that all Early Years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe. It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children are emotionally and developmentally ready for school. Children are given the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress throughout school and life. Children develop quickly from birth to five years old, and it is vital to ensure they are given an excellent learning foundation.

You can read the full government guidelines via this website.

Further information can be read via this link.